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I help executives and their teams achieve breakthrough results


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If you want to achieve a breakthrough for your school, district, or organization, nothing is more important than supporting your people. I speak about and teach a process for helping leaders and their team members achieve results through a series of steps or “camps.” Whether it is Finding the Others, Meaningful Feedback, Creating a Culture that Cares, or Balance, your journey to the mountaintop isn’t an easy one, and you will benefit from guides to help you get there.

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Rob Hess

Dr. Hess is a former superintendent, principal, and teacher with over 30 years experience in the battle tested world of public service. A results-oriented change agent, hIs experiences include multiple successful turnaround schools and districts and executive work in the areas of human resources, school Improvement, and student achievement. He is the founder of BreakThrough Consulting LLC, an organization dedicated to helping executives and their teams achieve breakthrough results through hiring, coaching, training, speaking, surveys, and effective evaluation systems.

Dr. Hess received his doctorate from the University of Oregon in Educational Leadership, has taught at 4 universities. He is the author of 4 books including Equity, Excellence, and Efficiency: How to Balance the Triangle of Tension. His G.R.O.W. Coaching Clinic includes a personalized priority leadership assessment tool, and his blog can be found here. He holds a U.S. trademark for his 5 Pillar Exceptional Teacher Evaluation System® and specializes in engaging virtual and live keynote addresses on a variety of topics.

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Mt. Everest Keynote

Job satisfaction rate of public school teachers is at an all time low, and the burnout rate is skyrocketing--and that was before COVID took its toll. Public confidence in our profession is plummeting. The stress of balancing the lack of resources, demanding parents, challenging students, and ever increasing state and local requirements is driving 40% of teachers out of the profession within their first five years and leaving many more feeling stressed and hopeless.

This talk is developed from a career of supporting and encouraging teachers. Your staff will leave motivated and inspired to be extraordinary and continue bringing their best self to the classroom every day. Your teachers will be provided with the tools and encouragement they need to thrive in the profession and keep climbing the mountain to get the results they are looking for with their students.

It’s a Marathon, not a sprint


Success in today’s world is based on consistent effort over time, not talent or wishful thinking. In this talk Rob shares his dream of running a marathon and what it took to achieve that B-HAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). Full of humor and extremely relevant, Rob pulls lessons from that experience and shows the power of planning, determination, and grit to achieve a stretch goal. Participants will leave motivated and inspired to develop their own B-HAG and learn the secret of hustle to get it done.

This talk has been adapted recently to train and inspire substitute teachers in response to the recent teacher shortage that is gripping the nation. 

GROWing Principals

It’s been said that teachers are the single greatest influence of student learning. That’s true, but what happens when that great teacher has a lousy principal? Things fall apart. The teacher doesn’t get the support they need to be successful. Job satisfaction plummets. This talk will help principals understand how important their job is and give them the tools they need to be successful. Featuring the 5 Pillars of Exceptional Teachers, principals will walk away understanding the importance of both leadership and management and how to balance those two aspects of their job to leverage results.


This talk includes access to the Priority Leadership Assessment tool® that will help leaders reflect on their strengths and focus on how to improve their practice. With the right balance of inspiration, research, and practical application, your principals will leave wanting more and understand this key message: they are the single greatest influence on the overall quality of a school. They Matter.



"Dr. Hess is an excellent speaker. His articulate dialogue and humor were appreciated."

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